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Programmes Offered


  • MA English - Master of Arts in English


The MA English curriculum is based on the CBCS model and offers core courses in English language, literature, ELE and linguistics besides a pool of discipline specific electives and generic electives that offer scope for study in specialized areas of interest leading to research or a chosen career path.

The program provides in-depth knowledge of English literature across the ages along with Indian writing in English, American literature and world literatures in English besides focusing on the evolution of the English language, its dynamic nature and characteristic features. The study of English language and literature improves one’s creative and critical abilities, promotes multiculturalism, and fosters understanding of the cultural, historical, aesthetic, and linguistic forces that shape our lives. Students also have several opportunities to hone their English communication skills to meet the demands of the job market. In short, the student experience may be summed up as preparing for the future and learning for life.

Prospects: careers/ research

MA English students have ample opportunity to create persuasive messages, manage effective teams, and proactively build positive relationships in business and social contexts. This is made possible through summer internship/ project as well as several academic and creative activities/ events. Students are prepared to take up rewarding careers in fields such as academics, media, publishing, journalism, editing, advertising, public relations, information and research, sales promotion and marketing, translation and civil services. An MA English degree prepares them to become creative, engaged, and transformative citizens and leaders.

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