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Mahatma Gandhi’s influence transcends time and distance. He is perhaps more relevant today than ever before. GITAM was founded with Gandhiji as its inspiration and his values as its guiding force. Gandhi School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHS) is guided by GITAM’s motto of strive, serve, thrive.
The School offers programs that aim at equipping students with core knowledge, employability skills and a multidisciplinary perspective that is relevant for job and research as well as creative work. Theoretical inquiry, critical analysis, quantitative and qualitative research, and creative production are the hallmarks of the academic experience at GSHS.

At GSHS highly qualified and experienced teachers seek to enhance the students’ learning experience by adopting effective and innovative approaches, encouraging participation in knowledge building and skill enhancement activities/ events, as well as developing and implementing assessment systems for meaningful feedback.

The School aims at promoting research by providing ample opportunities for students and teachers to engage in academic activities/events leading to significant publications. Creative pursuits and performances are also encouraged.

In keeping with the Gandhian principles of service and responsible citizenship, the School would strive to make meaningful contributions to the local community and the society at large. Towards this end students and teachers are encouraged to conceptualize and organize various forums and activities besides including an outreach component as part of projects/ internships. Students are also encouraged to seek internship opportunities with local, national, and international organizations and government/non-governmental agencies. The School promotes diversity on campus and gears its efforts towards developing a global perspective.

GSHS has excellent infrastructure with multimedia laboratories for languages and communication studies as well as other computer labs with latest software for application of quantitative and computational methods for study of social sciences. The Knowledge Resource Centre/ library and ICT enabled classrooms enhance the positive learning experience.

We hope and believe that GSHS will emerge as a popular destination for students from India and abroad, especially for those seeking comprehensive HSS programs for professional success in complex global communities of the 21st century.

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